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St Simon's Catholic Primary School

‘Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God’

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Uniform Information

The children at St Simon's come to school clean and neatly dressed.  

In the interests of health and safety long hair must be tied back and no jewellery or nail varnish may be worn.

If your child is to have pierced ears, please arrange this for the long holiday so that they can be removed for school; nasty accidents can occur during P.E. lessons or in the playground if earrings are left in.

All children are expected to wear the following simple uniform:



Navy blue skirt or trousers

White blouse or shirt

Red v-necked sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo

School tie

Girls : Red, navy or white tights or white socks 
Boys : Black socks

Black shoes





Navy blue short-sleeved polo shirt (with school logo)

Navy blue shorts or trousers

Black socks

Black shoes


Red and white checked dress


Navy blue shorts, trousers or pinafore dress

with navy blue short-sleeved polo shirt (with school logo)

White socks

Black shoes



Please make sure that your child has a coat with them, even if the weather looks promising or you travel to school by car.  The children will be playing outside and they will soon feel cold or damp.

It is important to mark every item of uniform clearly with your child's name.



P.E. and Games


All children are expected to participate in P.E. and swimming unless they have a doctor's note on or before the day, which may excuse them.

A suitable change of clothing is essential for all P.E. and Games lessons for reasons of health and safety.
The children will need a P.E. kit for gym and dance work indoors and for games outside.


Kit List



Navy blue shorts.

Pale blue polo shirt.

Outdoors (Should be brought in on Tuesdays)


Navy blue shorts

Pale blue polo shirt


Spare socks

Trainers (Velcro fastening , not lace ups, for the Infant children please!)


From Nov :  Dark coloured jogging/track bottoms

                     Any coloured warm hoodie/fleece.





Children will need a P.E. bag with their name clearly marked on it. 
All kit should be marked with your child's name.


Lightweight waterproof jackets are provided by school. We do outdoor games unless the weather is really too bad!

Whichever class is having Tuesday swimming lessons will not need to bring outdoor kit, unless in the after school running club.

It is recommended that children leave their indoor P.E. kit in school until each holiday when it will be sent home for washing - we will send it home earlier if necessary!



Uniform Suppliers

We have two official suppliers, Davensport & Warrens.  Price lists with contact details are below.

Ties are available to buy from School.