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Before and After School Care

Our before and after school provision is in the form of two clubs – both run by our school and led by two members of staff; Mrs Wilkinson (manager) and Mrs Deighton (assistant). Both clubs are open to all the pupils on roll at St Simon’s .


Our Early Bird club operates from 7.30am until 9.00 am and provides each child with breakfast as well as a variety of fun and exciting activities to engage all.


Our night owl club operates from 3.30 until 6pm every evening and provides each child with a snack and a drink after school. The children can then participate in many enriching and entertaining activities with their friends until home time.


Early Birds / Night Owls can be contacted via email or on 0755 737 3549.  A message may be left outside opening hours.


Will your children enjoy our provision?

Please read our testimonies to find out….


"Early Birds is fun - I will give it a 10/10"

"I think Early Birds is very fun with all the toys"

"I like it in the morning because I play with my friends"

"Early Birds is amazing and awesome"

"Night Owls is great because it has lots of toys and a drawing table and an amazing Wii.  P.S. I will never get bored"