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The children at St Simon's come to school clean and neatly dressed.  

In the interests of health and safety long hair must be tied back and no jewellery or nail varnish may be worn.

If your child is to have pierced ears, please arrange this for the long holiday so that they can be removed for school; nasty accidents can occur during P.E. lessons or in the playground if earrings are left in.

All children are expected to wear the following simple uniform:


Navy blue skirt or trousers

White blouse or shirt

Red v-necked sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo

School tie

Girls : Red, navy or white tights or white socks
Boys : Black socks

Black shoes




Navy blue short-sleeved polo shirt

Navy blue shorts or trousers

Black socks

Black shoes


Red and white checked dress

White socks

Black shoes

V-necked sweatshirts and cardigans, navy blue polo shirts, navy blue outdoor fleeces and waterproof coats with the embroidered school logo are available to buy from Davensport, 98 Bramhall Lane, Davenport (Phone 0161 483 3005).

We also have an online shop with a company called Stitch Design. Both suppliers are now our official suppliers, using our copyrighted logo. To access the online shop, go to the provider’s website - www.stitchdesign.co.uk - sign in at the School Parents page, using the school’s postcode SK7 4LH. Delivery is free directly to the school for us to distribute to you, however, only on specific dates throughout the year. Postage costs will apply if you need an urgent delivery

Ties are available to buy from School.

Please make sure that your child has a coat with them, even if the weather looks promising or you travel to school by car.  The children will be playing outside and they will soon feel cold or damp.

It is important to mark every item of uniform clearly with your child's name.

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