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We believe in self-discipline and our approaches to children are combined to foster a personal responsibility as well as a collective responsibility.

There is a positive approach to the everyday problems which confront our children.

Children's efforts are praised and their individual needs for security and stability are respected and catered for.

The teachers are all firm but friendly and provide a happy and caring atmosphere where children can mature freely and confidently, learn to make decisions and be trusted to carry out tasks in a responsible manner.

A quiet working atmosphere, attention and concentration to the task at hand, respect for the contribution to learning of each individual, care in the use equipment are considered of prime importance and acknowledged accordingly.

Unacceptable behaviour (e.g. bullying) is not tolerated.

Parents are informed in the event of a serious breach of good behaviour and joint action taken in the best interest of the child concerned.

St Simon's is a well-disciplined school which places its reliance on the goodwill and support of parents in ensuring the appropriate response from pupils in their attitudes and behaviour.

All children begin each week with an entitlement to Golden Time which takes place for half an hour on Friday afternoon; the activities are agreed with the children on Monday morning.

Time, in 5 minute blocks, is lost for transgressions of any of the Golden Rules, which are known and understood by the children.

A reminder and then a warning is given before the time is deducted.

Lost time can be earned back.

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